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Particularly in some parts of Asia, there are several superstitions about banana and pregnancy. In some cultures, a woman eating twin bananas will produce identical twins upon pregnancy. There are also beliefs that say bananas are bad for the fetus.

Both are myths of course, with no basis on facts. But certainly, bananas are associated with pregnancy because of their many good effects as a pregnancy health food.

The website stated that banana is a powerful pregnancy health food that should be taken during conception.

“Bananas are rich in potassium and offer quick energy to fight off pregnancy fatigue. Slice them up into cereal or whip one into a breakfast smoothie with yogurt, berries, ice, and a splash of orange juice,” the website pointed out.

Aside from bananas, lean meat is also a great pregnancy health food. The inclusion of this food item to the meal can provide the mother with iron-filled diet during pregnancy. Lean meat can also prevent pregnancy fatigue, the website added.

“Soft cheeses are off-limits, but varieties such as cheddar and mozzarella can be a big help in meeting your calcium requirements -- each ounce contains between 150 and 200 milligrams. Cheese is also high in protein,” stated further.

How HealthyWiser’s pregnancy strips can help

HealthyWiser’s pregnancy and ovulation test strips offers expectant mothers with easier ways to determine instances of pregnancy. Women will have to collect a urine sample. Just like testing pH levels, they can see results in just a short while.

The pregnancy and ovulation test strips work with hormones such as the Luteinizing Hormone and the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The existence of these hormones means that there are chances for pregnancy. These strips are easy to use.

“If you are trying to get pregnant, there are only a few days during your cycle when can conceive. Our test kit gives you everything you need for fertility testing and is an easy and economical method for women trying to get pregnant,” HealthyWiser stated on the Amazon page.

About the company

HealthyWiser is a reputable company in the United States that provides various products for health awareness. The products are used for beauty, personal health, and wellness.  For more information about HealthyWiser’s pregnancy ovulation test strips, visit their page on Amazon.

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