A recent report by a leading publisher of industry research has indicated a large shift from letter to parcel delivery from the consumer market, meaning an increase in business for companies found listed on sites like Courier Exchange , which feature a number of vendors on the growing market.

The industry report takes into account many business and procurement factors in its entirety, including the pricing environment, the benchmark price of services paid for by customers, and market share concentration. The research has been conducted to help serious buyers of both letter and parcel delivery services, as well as to advise them on their best course of purchasing. Both national and universal courier services are included on the report by the Los Angeles based company, who specialise in industry and procurement research.

The trend in courier service usage by consumers has been linked to a rise in online shopping, due to the ease and accessibility of the online market in comparison to the high street market. This eventually leads to price comparison websites generating more usage by customers, leading to heavier demand and more intense competition from different courier services. Another suspected cause of the decrease in letter delivery is the increase in communication taking place online, through emails and other social networks. Both international and inexpensive, digital communication inevitably results in a much lower volume of letter mail worldwide

Business to consumer delivery services look to benefit greatly from these online buying trends, as the higher shipping volumes from various orders means that couriers are able to better consolidate multiple deliveries to clients. This results in the overall delivery cost being much lower, a large bonus for suppliers, couriers and customers. With the need for competition growing naturally because of consumers comparing their options, sites like Courier Exchange will benefit suppliers greatly, as they can use them to co-operate or compare services.

About Courier Exchange:

CX is an online trading platform which aims to connect couriers with empty vehicles (often on return journeys) and contractors with loads that need to be delivered. Learn more about them at www.courierexchange.co.uk .

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