In April 2014, the Supreme Court of India created history by giving the “Third Gender” a formal recognition allowing transgenderstheir right to equality, expression, autonomy and right against all discrimination. They are also allowed admission in educational institutions and seek employment on the basis that they belong to the third gender category. IBN-Lokmat delves deeper into the lives of the transgenders and unravels their predicament, present issues, expectations, etc on Reportaaz — Kahani Tisrya Panthachi this Sunday, 13th July 2014 at 11:30 am and 8:30 pm.

Rejected by their own families in their childhood and scorned and mistreated by everyone as ''hijra'' or third sex, eunuchs have faced quite a few adversities and difficulties. In India there are a host of socio — cultural groups of transgenders like hijras/kinnars, and other transgender identities like — shiv-shaktis, jogtas, jogappas, Aradhis, Sakhi, etc. Till the Supreme Court judgement came to life, transgenders were excluded from partaking in social and cultural life, economy and politics and decision-making processes. Reports of aggravation, vehemence, denial of services and discriminating treatment against transgenders have been common occurrences in the society.

All human beings are born free and have the right to live in dignity and pride. IBN-Lokmat explores the problems faced by the third gender like discrimination, lack of educational facilities, unemployment, lack of shelter, lack of medical facilities like HIV care and hygiene,electoral rights etc. To know more about the issues faced by the Third Gender, tune into Reportaaz — Kahani Tisrya Panthachi on Sunday 13th July 2014 at 11.30am and 8:30 pm.