Research report — Changing consumer characteristics towards international brands

The opening up of the Indian economy has done wonders in enhancing the behavioral patterns

for the Indian consumer at large. A couple of years ago, the Indian consumer only swore by

traditional Indian brands as they best suited their budgetary requirements, while international

brands were unaffordable.

Over the years, with the liberalization of the economy enhancing salaries and international

brands becoming more available in Indian showrooms at an affordable price, the behavioral

pattern of the Indian consumer has gradually changed. The need to experience superior

lifestyles is now on the rise, with globally acclaimed brands finding a way into most Indian


This change in Indian consumers’buying patterns has resulted in Taiwan successfully venturing

into the Indian market with a large number of brands. Taiwan, undeterred by recession, is now

roaring for business opportunities in the enormously important Indian market.

The Taiwan Excellence campaign is a step towards this direction as it is a complete platform

to showcase commercial exchanges between Taiwan and India. This year, Taiwan has not only

seen growth in the number of brand partners for the campaign in India increase from 17 in

2009 to 49 in 2014, but has also achieved the objective of enhancing brand awareness in this

new age of stylish Indian customers. Around 48% of the Indian consumers have been exposed

to Taiwan Excellence events or advertisements*.

Ms. Emma Yang, Director of the Taipei World Trade Centre Liaison Officeoffers the following,

“The Indian consumer now realizes the difference between needs and experiences. Reports

suggest that the number of Indians looking to experience products across the categories of

sports and leisure, transportation, ICT, home and lifestylehave witnessed a significant increase.

During Emma Expo and the Mall events organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade this year, we

have observed that consumers are more forthcoming and have more knowledge about our

products. The foremost objective of the Taiwan Excellence campaign is to increase awareness

and showcase the ‘Reliability’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Value’ strengths of Taiwanese products to the

astute Indian consumer. We are hopeful that such campaigns initiated by Taiwan Excellence will

boost bilateral trade relations between our two countries.”

Leading Taiwanese brands from the areas of Information & Communication Technology (ICT);

home appliances; sports & leisure; and industrial machinery have pledged partnership to the

Taiwan Excellence 2014 Campaign. The brand partners are Adata, Acer, Alya, Apex Medical

Corp, AS Rock, Autotek, Avision, Bandrich, BXB, Chanson, Chumpower, Cyber Power, Delta

Vivitek, D-Link, Draco Design, DrayTek, Edimax, Feeler, Formosa, Gigabyte, HTC, Just time, Just

Power, Karma, Kenyo, KNH, Kss, LC, Mediland, Miacare, Microlife Corporation, Optoma, Orange

Electronic, Puli Paper, Reverie, Sakura, Shinyu, Silicon Power, Strida, Super Guider, Tales, Tern,

Thermaltake, Thermedic, Trans electronic, Transcend, Ucheer Health tech, Zyxel and 3Magi

It was observed that products related to Home & Leisure and ICT were the most popular

showcased in the Taiwan Excellence Mall Events. Products such as baby cameras, WiFi SD cards,

video conferencing systems, saxophones, ich Auto CPAP machine, shoulder and back pain relief

wraps and kinetic energy dumbbells all helped in establishing the desired image of Taiwanese

productsbeing Innovative, Reliable and Value-Worthy.

Taiwan aspires to create an experience of a lifetime for the Indian Consumer. Ever dependable,

pioneering and outstanding productfrom Taiwanese brands offer a superior quality lifestyle

brought out by “Taiwan Excellence”

Source: * AC Neilson survey by TAITRA

About Taiwan Excellence

“Taiwan Excellence”, which represents the innovative and technological image of Taiwan’s competitive industries,

is a symbol of reliability, innovation and super value. Such excellence radiates from many of Taiwan’s niche

industries, particularly the ICT industry, of which many have become renowned brands in their field. In the Indian

market, Taiwan Excellence, along with a selection of 47 international Taiwanese brands, expects to bring “Excellent

Lifestyles” to consumers’ daily lives. For more information and promotional events about Taiwan Excellence and

popular Taiwanese brands, please visit the main site: or the Indian event


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