17, December 2014: The Science Daily has recently reported that with human exposure to aluminium having actually increased significantly over recent years, experts are now saying they have found a substantial contamination of male sperm by aluminium, and concluding that aluminium was no doubt a prospective contributor to such changes in reproductive fertility. Researchers in the UK and France suggest through their research that any direct exposure to aluminium could be fairly a significant factor to lowering a male’s sperm count, which would result in a male fertility problem. Fluorescence microscopy making use of an aluminium-specific stain was made use of by a team of scientists teaming up from the university of Lyon and Saint-Etienne in France and the university of Keele in the UK, who have confirmed the presence of aluminium within individual sperm, along with proving that higher levels of aluminium produce a lower sperm count.

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Study scientists Professor Christopher Exley and Professor Michele Cottier were able to measure the content levels of aluminium in sperm from 62 donors in a French centre, with Professor Exley saying… “There’s been fairly a significant rise in overall male fertility issues throughout the developed world during the last few years, specifically a lowering sperm count, though previous research has always connected this shift to ecological elements like endocrine disruptors.” He included… “In contrast to the reduced fertility figures, exposure to aluminium has considerably increased during the same time period. We now believe however, that our recent research does in all truth implicate that aluminium is a possible cause for negative changes in reproductive fertility.”

The researchers found that the average aluminium content of each of the 62 benefactors was far too high, measuring a 339 ppb semen/ aluminium content ratio, with a number of contributors passing by the 500 ppb mark. Solutions are now emerging to battle fertility problems, with Reiki sessions being currently advised for both males and females at any stage of an assisted reproductive treatment, with the treatment helping relaxation and hormone balance. Reiki is a Japanese strategy for stress relief and relaxation, however also helps to promote healing. Reiki energy has been revealed to enhance the vital force energy that streams through us. The outcome is a body that has been both balanced and cleansed as a whole, while also permitting the endocrine system and major organs to become revitalized. According to IVF-Spain, Reiki can enhance the opportunities of becoming pregnant, as well as being extremely helpful for individuals or couples who would desire a natural conception, or for individuals who undergo Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART). Another benefit that Reiki gives, is to enhance male fertility as it assists to improve erectile dysfunction and low sperm count. More information about how Reiki can assist with male fertility problems is seen right here: https://ivf-spain.com/support-and-well-being/reiki Ivf-Spain is a fertility clinic that provides a variety of infertility treatments at a modern IVF clinic in Southern Spain.

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