In the GCR's latest analysis of dental clinics in Egypt, the Shalash Dental & Implant Center ranks as the leading clinic in both Cairo and the whole of Egypt, when it comes to overall international clinic reputation. Together with the Royal Dental Center, The Shalash Dental & Implant Center are the only 4-star, internationally accredited dental clinics in Egypt, now ranking among the top 25 dental clinics worldwide from 126,000+ dental clinics monitored by the GCR.

The GCR - Global Clinic Rating, the leading provider of healthcare clinic ratings worldwide, aggregated and analyzed dental offices throughout Egypt during 2014 & 2015 including private dental practices in Cairo, Alexandria, Dahab, Kafr El Shaikh and Al Jizah.

These dental clinics were ranked according to their GCR Score & GCR Ranking against other denta lpractices in the same country & city on the apparent level of clinic expertise, services, facilities and patient feedback available. In addition, the GCR feedback score for each dental clinic includes patient rating scores from Google, Facebook and other independent rating providers.

A total of 421 dental clinics with at least 5 public reviews online were included in the GCR study. The GCR has now found that the average GCR dental clinic quality score is just 1.24 in Egypt, demonstrating the huge difference between healthcare standards available outside Alexandria and Cairo, and those in upper Egypt.

The Shalash Dental & Implant Center ranked No. 1 with a GCR Score of 4.16, followed by the Royal Dental Center (4.08) and the Asnan Dental Center (3.56)

However the Tohamy Dental Clinic (3.05) leads the way in Egypt with the level of facilities available in the clinic with a GCR medical facilities score of 4.39

This GCR Top 10 Dental Clinic Report comes at a time when Egypt is struggling to attract more medical tourism patients from anywhere in the world dur to the political unrest in the country.

There are apparently 43,220 dentists  who have studied Dentistry in the country during the past 30 years, however many have moved abroad or are often found working in both state and private practices to make ends meet financially.

The Egyptian Dental Association (EDA)( is the association of dentists in Egypt. Expats will find that most dentists in Egypt speak fluent English. A typical dentist consultation cost is about €8.00 (approximately $10.00) and there are approximately 4.2 dentists per 10,000 people in Egypt.

When we asked Dr. Ahmed Raafat BDS, DICOI, MBA from the Royal Dental Care clinic about what makes their clinic so successful in Egypt, he simply replied:

"Reliable and guaranteed services done using cutting edge technologies in a friendly and family environment. That's what makes a successful medical clinic in Egypt.

One of my patients confirmed it to me yesterday, as she said she had visited a lot of dentists in Egypt during the past 50 years and this is the first time I've enjoyed visiting one of them."

You can download the GCR's full top 10 dental clinic report for Egypt to discover the names of the other dental clinics that made the Top 10 list in Egypt.

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The GCR monitors healthcare clinics in every country of the world and allocates each of them with a quality score.

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