To cure the environment issues, the society should put an end to the polluting sources. Vehicles powered by clean energy should be vigorously promoted and replace the traditional polluting ones. Airwheel has been devoted to develop new types commuting vehicles. It has successfully launched a series of popular intelligent electric scooters, such as electric one wheel and double-wheels electric scooter. The smart electric folding bike are the latest achievements of Airwheel and people can retrieve the blue sky with an Airwheel electric bike.

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The newly released Airwheel E-and R-Series folding electric bikes, with small size, stylish shape and low-carbon features can be another efficient alternative to help to retrieve the blue sky. Branded lithium battery and low-energy consumption seem to be the standard configuration for Airwheel products. So is for the E-and R-Series. It is faster and more labor-saving than bikes while more power-saving and portable than electromobiles. They are labeled as a perfect short-distance commuting vehicle for going to work and classes.

The small size could not conceal its high-tech content, like the E3 backpack e bike with a weight of 12.5 kg and a size of 8inch in, it could bear the maximum weight of 100 kg and its maximum climbing angle could reach 15°.

Therefore, you can take it to the train, the subway without any trouble. When you get off the train, you can ride it to anywhere you want with the utmost speed of 20km/h. The surging power is contributed to quality battery and a powerful motor.

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As an outdoor transport tool, E-and R-Series portable electric bikes have excellent safe and comfort performance. It has been equipped with quality tires with unique tread patterns, to enhance skid and abrasion resistance. Environment preservation should no longer be a slogan and the polluted air could not be improved by mere rainfalls. Choose a green vehicle like Airwheel electric folding bike and start a riding with it.

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