Unmask the traits of a Cheater this week on Emotional Atyachaar!

~ For the first time ever, watch as the show exposes a cheater’s intentions in-turn alerting the viewers~


Emotional Atyachaar a show that has always mirrored problems related to cheating faced by young couples, reveals the traits of a cheater this time. The show brings on board a guy who is cheating on three girls at the same time, disclosing his rules and tips in order to make its audiences aware of such people. Prince, who shifted to Delhi for work, loves partying and having fun all the time.  This is where he met Alisha who stayed in the same building as he did.


Alisha was in the business of making cakes and Prince did not miss this opportunity to get close to her. He took baking classes from Alisha to spendquality time with her and in no time they started dating. They would spend a lot of time together in his apartment where they would get close. Prince was loyal to her until he met Deeksha, his senior in office who was a confident and attractive woman.  It was very difficult to impress her but Prince, being a casanova found it easy to woo her. Soon, they got into a full-fledged relationship but Prince made sure that neither Alisha nor Deeksha got a hint about the other’s presence in his life.Soon after Deeksha, he met another girl,Gayatri who was a DJ at a club. This time too his charm worked on Gayatri and he trapped her into the pit of emotions.


Prince believed in dating more than one girl at a time without being caught by following a set of rules which included having a separate cell phone for each girl, date girls who are not connected with each other in any way and many more. He used these tactics cleverly to avoid being caught. But the real shocker was that Prince was not on the show to apologize for his behavior, instead he wanted to flaunt about his rulebook which has worked in his favor.Emotional Atyachaar decided to reveal his clandestine conversation with the producer where he was seen flaunting his so called achievements.


Revealing the shocking truths of a cheater on ‘Emotional Atyachaar 4’, on Saturday, 5th October 2013, at 7pm only on bindass!

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