Written by Joanne Silatei

Nationwide— If you enjoy wildlife, seascape, and landscape paintings your eyes will love the surprise of the textured and colorful art of Master Artist Caryl Jean Westergren. Of all the wildlife, seascape, and landscape artists across the nation, her artwork is able to capture the colorful magic and beautiful spirit of the natural world unique to Caryl Jean.

Caryl Jean Westergren is celebrated as a naturalist and colorist painter with an ability to connect with nature and transport its essence spectacularly to her canvas. She enjoys spending time in nature watching animals and wildlife go about their day and leave without the burdens that we find in our tousled world. Her work displays the beautiful natural surroundings she enjoys the most, but she adds a special touch that feels magical and passionate.

Westergren not only captures the spirit and color of the natural world, but she uses elements from nature from her walks though woods and seaside to construct her pieces. You could find pieces of driftwood, natural fibers, and shells sculpted into unique shapes and molded to her canvas to create unexpected natural textures. Beyond the unique textures she creates, her vibrant use of color feels both natural and dreamlike at the same time.

Caryl Westergren’s passion for creative outlets has allowed her to endeavor in fields throughout the art world, but it is her love of nature that allows her to connect with her paintings on a spiritual level. Caryl not only paints what she finds wondrous in nature, but her generous use of color and light, combined with her artistry for creating dramatic texture in her many subjects like – Gypsies, campfires, wildlife, seascape, and landscape paintings makes her colorful paintings one-of-a-kind .

To experience the original artistry of Master Artist Caryl Jean Westergren you can visit her colorful art websitehttp://caryljean.com/ . There you can view her gallery of new and inspiring artwork and connect with Caryl, and stay up-to-date with her latest artistic endeavors.