There have been reports that David Andrews’s Diabetes Destroyer program has resulted in several reviews on the internet in recent weeks. The program has made some huge claims that both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can be cured, so review sites like has decided to go through a rigorous study to find out its authenticity.


According to, David Andrews, who himself was a Type 2 diabetes patient, had come across some studies carried out by England’s Newcastle University wherein a specific diet was reported to help the body in reversing diabetes. Subsequently, a few people used the diet and experienced positive changes. David then decided to perfect the formula and find a way to regulate its insulin and normalize the blood sugar level.


The review adds that David Andrews continued to research after researches before eventually ending up with the diabetes miracle cure. This he called the Diabetes Destroyer Program. The review explains that the modules of the program comprises of three steps on how to reverse Type 2 diabetes. The first step, according to the review, “outlines special diet to jumpstart the pancreas’s production of insulin”. The second step will then boost metabolism to allow the body to increase absorption of insulin. Here, a 30 second workout is outlined for burning off excess calories.


The review further points out the program’s third step where a proper diet should be maintained to maintain a normal blood sugar level. This step emphasizes on eating the right foods at the right time as well as some special food that averts hunger. Some of the facts of Diabetes Destroyer indicated by the review include permanent reversal of diabetes within 11 days, works on a person of any age and any blood sugar level, does not require other medicines or insulin shots, and does not involve usage of any special equipment, and so on. For more details go to


About is a review site about Diabetes Destroyer program by David Andrews. The review explains in full detail how the program can help in eliminating and reversing the Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes permanently. 




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