15, June 2016: For both Airwheel and scooter-manufacturers, 18 June last year cannot be ignored because it was the day full of significance and historic memory. On that day, the new product release conference of Airwheel was opened and two latest models were launched. One of them is Airwheel electric hoverboard A3. When A3 came into the sight of the audience present, it instantly became the centre of attention. It aroused keen interest of the biggest fans of scooters who had a strong itch to try. Catering to social demands, electric two-wheeled scooter A3 is bound to make a difference in the scooter industry.

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The most significant breakthrough in the intelligent self-balancing scooter A3 lies in its innovative sitting-posture riding mode. It will go beyond your expectation when you see that the saddle is made of comfortable leather! One could sit on the saddle with his feet on the stainless steel pedals and hands on the silica gel handlebars. Long-time riding will never make riders fatigued because of relaxing sitting-posture mode.


450 W Sony lithium-ion battery is still used by A3. It provides large power capacity and long range for A3. Once fully charged, A3 two-wheeled intelligent scooter can cover a distance of 40-50km. Therefore, it serves as a perfect vehicle for long-distance urban trip. Additionally, it is quite energy-efficient with power consumption of 1 kWh per 50 km. In other words, the rider only needs to pay 0.5 euro to finish this 40 km trip because of its high performance. Convenient, cost-effective and eco-friendly, A3 will probably be the most popular model in the future intelligent scooter market.


Battery exhaustion halfway might be a great concern of people having interest in A3, though it boasts all these merits. In fact, you do need not to worry about it. First of all, as A3 was equipped with Sony lithium-ion battery, it has large power capacity and long range. The frequent check of electricity status will smooth out this issue.

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