March 22, 2014: A cyclist needs to practice on a daily basis to help achieve the desired level of cycling proficiency. But many times, it becomes difficult to go out for a cycling session because of the bad weather conditions or any other reason. This is the time when one can take the help of a bicycle trainer stand. Such a trainer stand can prove highly helpful in continuing the cycling session without going outside. There are several types of bicycle trainer stands available in the market and the website and its reviews can help an individual to select the best stand for his/her indoor training. 

The website has been developed by an amateur cyclist, who himself felt the need of a trainer stand for practicing cycling inside. Based on his own experiences, he could identify the positive features that a trainer stand must have to provide an effective result to a cyclist. Thus, he critically reviewed the leading products available in the market and presented the pros and cons of each of the reviewed bicycle trainer stands, which could help a cyclist in the decision making. 

Based on his own findings, he established cycleops fluid 2 trainer as the best cycling training available to the cycling enthusiasts. According to him, this trainer doesn’t produce any annoying sound and one can experience a smooth ride for a pleasurable practice session. It has a turbine that provides the non-slip resistance and one can experience a ‘road like’ riding. The resistance level may vary based on the wheel speed, and the ‘Power Band’ Technology allows a cyclist to achieve different resistance levels. Its patented design is ideal to help maintain the specific heart rate that a cyclist would love to maintain at any time. 

A trainer could be very good equipment for a cyclist to maintain his/her legs in good conditions, even when the outside weather is not friendly. The website reviews other top rated bicycle trainer stands too, and which will guide the cyclists in choosing the most suitable products as per their requirements. One can check all the reviews for free on the website 

About is a website that features reviews on different types of bicycle trainer stands available in the market. Developed by an amateur cyclist, the reviews are based on his personal experience and findings. The objective of the reviews is to guide other cyclists in choosing the best stand for their indoor training. 

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