St. Petersburg, Fla., 02/10/2013: Very recently, Empower Network announced the launch of The Blog Beast that is said to modify the online world. The blogging platform will provide bloggers and WordPress tough competition similar to what Microsoft faced when Apple was incorporated. Currently, blogging is a complex task and this new launch is slated to simplify the process of creating and maintaining the blogs. The platform will enable thousands of people who have stayed away from blogging due to its complexity to express their thoughts using their writing capabilities. For more information, visit .

Compared to the existing platforms, this software provides various features making it extremely convenient for old as well as new users. The existing programs were designed to be user friendly but over the time have evolved into complicated processes. Using latest technical developments and innovative methodologies, Empower Network Blog Beast allows users to record audios and videos using a mobile application. Any individual can post videos or podcasts from a smart phone or computer with only two clicks with the click system feature.

Another beneficial feature of this platform is the simplified article sharing procedure. Using the network, the users can re-blog the posts and maintain the credit for the original author when content is shared among the network. The platform provides one more advantageous feature that is proprietary commenting. This feature enables the readers to share various posts and leave comments on the different social media networking sites while ensuring the link leads to the original post. This provides an excellent search engine optimization technique by creating high quality back links that can be easily picked by the search spiders.

One more powerful feature that needs to be included in the Blog Beast Review is the capability of being able to withhold the premium content using a pay wall. This will result in limiting the access offered to the paid subscribers while offering a brief teaser. Based on the teaser, the unpaid users are prompted to take an action and upgrade their membership to have complete access to the information. This helps improve the conversion rates and return on investment through higher number of sales.

Additional features of the new platform include high quality training modules for leadership, marketing, and blogging. The superior customer relationship management system offers the users the required tracking capabilities. This system enables the users to access their transactions, back office, and view the sales while providing bulk email campaigns to their targeted client groups.

Contrary to the Blog Beast scam being widely discussed, the new platform is priced at twenty-five dollars per month that is the price being paid for the current blogging system of this company. The Empower Network will automatically transfer existing clients to the new platform on the seventh of October. The company offers commission to its affiliates check estimated at thirty thousand currently and expected to increase significantly with the new release. By offering users the capability to manage and build their businesses with their mobile phones, the Company is expected to bring great modifications to the viral blogging sector.


David Wood and David Sharpe founded Empower Network in 2011 and is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Fla. The company hosts one of the biggest blogging communities and offers leadership and educational programs for online marketers, home-based businesses, and start-up ventures. The affiliate program offered enables the affiliates to earn large commissions on sales generated by them.

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