Orlando, FL — December 1, 2015 — Kate Rutherford, RFID Vault spokesperson, announced that the company is providing consumers with extra value on its newly launched RFID Vault sleeves with a money back guarantee. Available exclusively on Amazon, the sleeves create a barrier that prevents information encoded on radio frequency identification (RFID) chips from being scanned, read and stolen.

“We’re confident you’ll be 100 percent happy with our RFID Vault sleeves,” said Rutherford, “but if not, simply contact us and we’ll make it right.”

The unisex credit card protector contains 12 credit card-sized sleeves and two separate sleeves for passports. They’re lightweight and thin, allowing them to be placed in a pocket, wallet or pocketbook without being bulky. The protectors utilize a metal composite that lines the sleeves, creating a barrier that prevents criminals from activating RFID chips on passports and a variety of cards.

Identity theft isn’t something that only occurs online. Hackers with a portable RFID scanner can use the technology to activate the RFID chips embedded in passports and cards. The data can be read from a few inches to 300 feet away. It’s harvested and cloned onto other cards to be used as the criminal desires.

RFID Vault protectors offer an affordable and effective means of preserving personal information by blocking the signals emitted from portable scanners. The scanning devices are small and can be concealed in a briefcase, backpack or purse. There are also smartphone apps that perform the same function. The process is completed in seconds and individuals don’t even know their data has been compromised until fraudulent charges appear.

Passports and numerous types of cards issued after 2006 utilize RFID chip technology. Those include credit cards, driver’s licenses, student and corporate ID cards, and medical ID cards. The chips are also used in systems that allow access to employment facilities, garages and homes.

RFID Vault is providing individuals around the world with the most effective protection against illegal RFID scanners and additional value with the company’s money back guarantee. Personal and financial information can be stolen in a matter of seconds by criminals with a portable RFID scanner or smartphone app. RFID protective sleeves block the radio frequencies used to activate the chips for an effective and affordable solution for one of the most common types of identity theft (amazon.com/RFID-Blocking-Sleeves-Protector-Protection/dp/B0150T0AI2/).
RFID Vault is a brand dedicated to protecting your bank without breaking it! Keep your personal information stored on bank cards, credit cards, drivers licenses and passports safe a secure. We are dedicated to providing quality RFID products and personal customer service.

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