Orlando, FL — December 3, 2015 — People who care about their privacy have been instrumental in the rapid rise of RFID Vault’s credit card protectors on the Amazon best seller list. The protective sleeves prevent criminals from accessing RFID chips embedded in credit and ID cards, driver’s licenses and passports.

“Safety and security can’t be left to chance,” said Kate Rutherford, spokesperson for RFID Vault. “Hackers have the ability to steal personal and financial information from up to 300 feet away.”

RFID Vault offers the most effective means currently available to prevent criminals from accessing information from radio frequency identification (RFID) chips that are now standard on passports and many types of cards. The company’s unisex sleeves include 12 for credit cards and 2 for passports. Lined with a specialized metal composite, the sleeves are thin, lightweight, and protect cards from intrusion.

RFID chips are smaller than a grain of rice and embedded in multiple types of cards issued by banks and insurance companies, along with driver’s licenses and access management cards. They contain a variety of information ranging from phone numbers and addresses to employment data and Social Security numbers.

A criminal with a smartphone app or RFID scanner has the ability to obtain that information in a matter of seconds and the individual will never know they’ve been hacked. RFID Vault’s protective sleeves fit securely around cards and passports, blocking the radio frequencies used in an RFID attack.

The protective sleeves by RFID Vault offer an effective and affordable way to protect precious data on cards and passports. Favorite haunts for hackers include malls, travel terminals, and Wi-Fi hot spots. Tourists and travelers are the individuals most frequently targeted, but no one is immune.

RFID scanning is a form of identity theft. An attacker can obtain data about where an individual lives, their banking information, and details embedded on access entry cards for their employment and home. Protecting that information is a paramount consideration and one that can be accomplished with RFID Vault sleeves.

Value and effectiveness are just two of the many reasons that RFID Vault protective sleeves have risen so quickly through the ranks to become one of Amazon’s best-selling items. The sleeves are appropriate for both genders, affordable, and offer an easily attainable solution for RFID attacks on cards and passports (http://www.amazon.com/RFID-Blocking-Sleeves-Protector-Protection/dp/B0150T0AI2).
RFID Vault is a brand dedicated to protecting your bank without breaking it! Keep your personal information stored on bank cards, credit cards, drivers licenses and passports safe a secure. We are dedicated to providing quality RFID products and personal customer service.
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