19, August 2015: Because of the fast development of modern society, the world is undergoing tremendous changes. There are more and more tall buildings in cities and many people now are working in offices. They don’t even have to get out of the room to finish their job for the entire day. As we all know, staying for a long time in the room without walking around is not healthy for us.


When people sit all the time, the fat will accumulate in his or her body, which will give them a lot of weight. When people are overweight, it’s very easy to have heart disease, blood vein disease, and is harmful to the body joints. So many office workers will go to gym to work out for a better figure and a healthy body. However going to gym is money-consuming and time-consuming. The office workers badly need a new way of working out that is available and convenient. And here is their answer, it’s the Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter.


Airwheel has one-wheeled scooters and two-wheeled scooters. No matter which one the scooter is, it‘ll help people to get exercised on their commute. To ride on an intelligent self-balancing scooter, the rider must stand straight on the scooter, thus he or she will strengthen relevant muscles without knowing it. It is an easy to work out. Also the rider has to coordinate his or her body to keep balance on the scooter. It is very funny to control such an interesting transport tool.

Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter can usually run at a speed of 12km/h and the top speed is 18km/h. The scooter can cover a range of about 20km after a full charge, which depends on the load, temperature and the road condition. It’s a perfect tool for people’s daily commute. People can go to work as they work out on the way.

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