30, July 2015: In the era of high technology, traveling ways have been renovated. With the advancement of technology, various creative means of traveling crop up. How many novel and interesting traveling ways have you tried?

Helicopter sightseeing tour
Low-altitude airspace has now been opened to the public, which has triggered more and more helicopter sightseeing programs. Taking a helicopter and overlooking the ground, you will have a commanding view of the mountains, fields, tall buildings, and large mansions.

Aerial flight can give you a special and joyous treat, but it can be quite costly. Ordinary families can hardly afford such a journey. Helicopter sightseeing tour is customized for the rich.

Unicycle tour
One-wheeled intelligent scooter is a high-tech product which is favorably received by the young generation. Electric scooter, instead of bicycle, will free you of the depression and fatigue in the journey. Riding such a modern device outside, you will become the focus in any crowd. Meanwhile, you can feel the gorgeous landscape on the way. It has now become a new vogue among young people. There are even some riders riding electric self-balancing scooters to Tibet.

But if you choose an intelligent scooter for traveling, you’d better pick up one with best quality and yet moderate cost, such as Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter. A good scooter will provide security guarantee for customers and prevent unnecessary accidents.

Customized tour
Customized tour is a creative product in modern times. You can do whatever you like. It meets all your requirements for traveling. If you are keen on thrilling events, you can attend an animal hunting tour. With a guide, you can fish and hunt buffalos. The tour may contain some training, practicing and hunting programs. If you are fond of comfort, you can go on a health maintenance tour. The tour may include drinking herb tea, sleeping on medicine pillows and having herbal cuisine. With such customized medical service, you will enjoy a healthy body.

Virtual tourism
This is totally designed for Otakus. Nowadays, many scenic spots have set up online virtual tourism. It takes advantage of 3D technology to create vivid simulative scenes. Virtual tourism falls into two categories. The first category is that all architectures are created by 3D technology. Players can shuttle back and forth in the virtual scenes as if they are in the real scenic spots. It is like online games. The second category is about releasing photographs of the actual scenes online. It is more real but with less playability.

In an age of fast-changing science and technology, the ways of traveling can also progress with each passing day. Life is short while the world is huge. If time permits, get outside and explore the world.

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