With the enrichment of Airwheel S series scooters, especially the new released S5 self-balancing electric scooter, many people will become indecisive when choosing which type of scooter they would like to ride. While some people are impressed by the increasingly advanced functionality of S series, some riders still believe accclly riding a twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter is better since it looks fashionable and cool. In fact, the two types of Airwheel scooters satisfy differentiated needs.

Comparatively, Airwheel twin-wheeled electric scooter is more suitable for body keeping and entertaining, especially for those young riders who are more likely to experience new way of riding. For instance, the Q5 twin-wheeled electric scooter can be cycle charged 1800 times with 3.8 times longer battery life compared with other ordinary lithium battery. The twin-wheeled electric scooter is capable of supporting a relatively long-distance of travel and can better provide more riding comforts due to its wider contact area on the ground, improving balance keeping and making entire riding experience simpler and safer.

Airwheel S series is featured by a more complex design with one wheel on each side of the electric scooter. Therefore, many riders consider the S series design unchallenging for riding skills. However, S series is extremely popular among those white-collar workers, whose are more interested in commuting instead of entertaining. Truthfully, Airwheel S two-wheeled electric scooter series outperforms Q series in aspect of practical functions. After all, the two-wheeled design is more labor saving and easy-to-handle in daily commuting.

With the newly released S5, riders realize the powerful practical functions of S series. In fact, each type of Airwheel riding design has one specific advantage that will be tailored for specific functions. Generally speaking, Airwheel Q series twin-wheeled electric scooter functions well in body building, entertainment and short-distance commuting. While S series shares more resemblances with mainstream alternative transports, acting as a tool that can be applied to long-distance travels as well as working situations.

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