February 14, 2017 - Rife Machine Builder, a full-service digital health-based platform designed to provide individuals with information regarding Rife machine technology and how it can effectively treat irregularities and bodily discomforts, has been helping individuals develop and sustain better health since the platform’s founding in 2005.

Borne from a passion for providing alternative sources of health fixes that stem from proven technology founded over eighty years ago, Rife Machine Builder’s three different products offer different frequencies depending the consumer’s health requirements.

“The light from the Rife machine can penetrate the human body and negatively affect harmful bacteria,” said Travis Kopek, Founder and Owner of Rife Machine Builder. “This is a revolutionary way to approach inconsistencies and illnesses in the body, and I want everyone to know this form of eradication has been proven to help since its inception decades ago.”

Rife technology is based on the premises that electrical stimulation makes the immune system stronger, light from the machines can kill bacteria, viruses and other harmful bacterial strands can be killed with certain frequencies, and that the body becomes ill when electrical frequencies are not normal. The machines are able to correct the off frequencies.

On the site, there are three Rife machines available: Economy, the basic model, Most Popular, which operates from 1hz. To about 18,000hz., and Advance, which has the ability to do sweeps and is programmable.

“If more people knew about this effective and easy-to-use technology, they would be rid of their discomforts and illnesses in a fraction of the normal time,” said Kopek. “We’re passionate about the power of the Rife machine, and are encouraging everyone to spread the word on our commitment to medical innovation.”

For more information, visit: http://www.rifemachinebuilder.com/.

Contact: Travis Kopek, 248-887-5788, Highland, MI