Medical Establishment fears holistic machines such as the rife machine.


New Lenox, Il, 10/9/2015 — According to James Matthew of Miracle Alternatives, LLC rife machines are a threat to the medical establishment. Including the American Medical Association, pharmaceutical companies and virtually anyone associated with western medicine.

Why doesn't the medical establishment give up drug sales for frequency devices?
Simply stated …. There's nothing in it for them. Worse than that, it has the potential of threatening significant and substantial incomes and profits if its use becomes wide spread.

If these technologies are ever accepted as an alternative to some prescription drugs or conventional medical treatment, they will not very likely be done so with the enthusiastic endorsement of the very companies they threaten, but rather on documented merits and first-hand accounts of personal experiences. The underlying physics will need to be studied over a long period of time, and many would agree that has already been done in a sense over the last century.

Recently, mainstream medicine has indeed begun to experiment in this area. Because of the current controls and protections and the perceived stranglehold, big business appears to have on government agencies supposedly mandated to “serve” the people," we cannot be anything but watchful that the continued environment does not lead to something to prevent the American public from having open access to a technique, self-education, or experimentation that, for the most part, does not require medical supervision.

Experimenters have used and developed these techniques successfully, in their homes, without undue risk or personal injury for well over half a century. If we allow the drug companies to take complete control of it, we will be facing insurmountable new problems.

Big business and the conventional medical/pharmacutical community will embrace these technologies only when it is in THEIR financial best interest.

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Summary: The holistic health care industry, including companies that manufacture and sell various holistic health machines are a huge threat to the medical establishment.

Miracle Alternatives, LLC I a perfect example. They sell of 200 holistic health machines, including rife machines.
Here is just a short list of some very popular and successful holistic health machines;
The Miracle Rife Machine, the Miracle Blaster Machine, the Miracle Globe Machine, the Miracle Gen Machine and the Premiere II machine.

However, what's interesting according to James is that they are actually getting many orders for the machines just mentioned to medical doctors, medical clinics, and medical hospitals?
The reason being it is that as the western medical industry becomes more competitive, many doctors are trying to get an advantage over the competition therefor. They will purchase various holistic health machines, including the Miracle Rife Machine.
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