Rise in Demand for Taiwan’s Home Appliance Brands, Fast Paced Growth in the Indian Sports Industry

August 2014: The Indian consumer has evolved in the past decade. The focus has shifted now from being need based to being comfort based. The market now sees a consumer base that wants a great lifestyle. A lifestyle that incorporates an increasing awareness on fitness. With today’s hectic lifestyle, maintaining a good work-life balance, eating healthy and staying fit are on the priority list of most Indians.

Mr. Fu-Han Tu, Director of the Taipei World Trade Centre Liaison Office in Kolkata said, “Post Taiwan’s introduction of their sports equipment to India, there has been a growing demand for that category of sports equipment. The reason why Taiwanese corporations are able to keep their high-global position in manufacturing golfing equipment can be contributed to their outstanding precision in manufacturing, molding technology, and R&D capacity. It enables Taiwanese corporations to produce high quality golf equipment and peripherals.”

Mr. Fu-Han Tu goes on to say, “In the recent economic downturn, the Taiwanese bicycle industry and health-conscious minded people don’t seem to be affected. Taiwan exported nearly 4.3 million bicycles in 2013, while the average unit price of each unit rose 8.86% to hit US $1.8 billion in total export value.”
Siddharth Malhotra, Taiwan Excellence Celebrity of 2014, happens to be a health enthusiast and a sports freak, said, “The Strida Folding Bike is one of the smartest and most user friendly designs I have ever seen. It’s belt driven and I don’t have to worry about the grease on the chain when folding. Also the Dumbbels by Ucheer is awfully fun to work out with. ”

The Indian audience in the Kitchen appliances segment comprises of working women who want the best of both worlds. With a thriving professional career, they are also required to maintain a household, which isn’t an easy feat. Taiwanese products help ease this need for the Indian consumer and bring a great deal of quality into the lives of Indian households. Consumers now have great choices from Taiwanese Nature Shower Mixer by SHENG TAI BRASSWARE, CHANSON Water purification systems, Just Power LED table lamps, SUPER GUIDER electric water heaters, and SAKURA Stoves to name just a few of the quality brands from Taiwan. These brands offer intelligent home appliances, which are now the current trend in this segment.

We recognize the fact that the Indian market today is not just looking at comfort when it comes to home appliances, consumers also seek user friendly and affordable gadgets.
With products from Taiwan, India is increasingly connecting itself to the world, working smarter, moving faster and living healthier. There has been an increasing demand for Taiwanese products in India since their introduction. The Indian consumer has not just appreciated the fast growing product segment from Taiwan for their value, they have also grown to enjoy the innovation that has gone into the products and their reliability.

After the success of the Mall Event at Kolkata, Mr. Fu-Han Tu said, “As our products are not only reliable, they are also value-worthy, The foremost objective of the Taiwan Excellence campaign is to showcase the ‘Reliability’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Value-Worthy’ strengths of Taiwanese products that will impress Indian consumers.”

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