Rising care is a rising organisation that helps with their team of specialist doctors to the aged parents staying alone. They take care of them and provide different services.

Kolkata, WB (April 15, 2016) - Now the people of West Bengal who stays miles away from their parents can get some relief from the tension of taking proper care of their parents. Rising Care is an organisation who works for the old age people who stays alone without their children here. They provide their service with all throughout West Bengal and have the main office in the capital city Kolkata. Since at this age, it is very important to take care of health issues and any kind of emergency occurs, so this organisation provides aged care in Kolkata to provide their help to the needy old people.

Due to the economic condition of the society, the younger generation has to move out of the city or abroad to earn to get a good and enjoyable life ahead in future. When it is the time to take care of the parents, they have to move outside by leaving everything along with their parents behind. It is very natural that a person who is leaving his or her parent behind has a lot of worries for their parents especially regarding health issues all the time. At this moment of time, Rising Care provides their help to every needy aged people by giving support of their team at home. They provide free visit every month for once, provides emergency medical service, regular check-up and diagnosis, proper treatment and family members can get in touch with the doctors directly to inquire about his or her parent’s health.

Besides all other services they counsel the parents at regular intervals so that they can cope up their mind with any social issue which can affect their mind. They provide immediate treatment if the situation arises. Aged care in Kolkata is a great one as it could be of great help for everyone as no one have to get worried in case of any emergency.

While going through the infrastructure we came across many things that caught our attention and they are compassionate staff with polite behaviour. They deal with ease in difficult situations and handle the matter very carefully. These are very much needed for older care institutions. With highly talented and qualified doctors build up a strong team that takes ahead the service to rise above others.

What we found in comparison to other similar service providers is a great eye opener. Rising Care is the only organization in Kolkata having a team of doctors who work on 24 x 7 basis to provide care at home in Kolkata. Other than Rising Care there is no other organization so serious and talented and experienced to handle all Age related issues with care at home.

Above all we can easily state the organization in the highest rank as per their customers review. And what we came to know from their clients is a tremendous achievement for any organization. As their clients are Old, Sick and Alone at home in most of the time they said Rising Care is the only organization who take’s care of them like their own children would have done and with knowledge and patience too. This brings respect for the organization who is dedicated in serving the seniors of Kolkata for a long time now. Including that we found the system giving service is very good. They have 24 x7 Support staff in every section, starting from doctors to nurses both. Considering their nursing services available for all in the most affordable cost and nurses are above all well trained to handle any type of emergency with in house team of doctors they are better served with regular training and guidance on what to do and what not to.

We found them to possess world class facility in ambulance services as well. With modern and equipment laid ambulances always ready to move patients in their weak times to the best hospitals of the city in fastest time is an achievement for the organization.

About Rising Care:
This organisation is a successful running company with a team of doctors who visit the member of this organisation for medical check up at regular intervals. They work throughout West Bengal and one can contact to get the service.

To know more about Rising Care, please visit http://risingcare.org/

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Rising Care
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Rajdanga Main Rd, Sector E, East Kolkata Twp, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107
Phone: 090380 77784
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