Spiritually Feministic delivers poetry that touches the soul.

Houston, TX - July 25, 2015 - Spoken word artist Spiritually Feministic will perform Wednesday, July 29, 2015, at Houston Improv - Natural Hair Showcase - 7620 Katy Freeway 77055. Carissa Luckey's poetry is mesmerizing to all generations. When Spiritually Feministic (stage name) takes the mic, her natural stage presence is alluring and her verses are thought-provoking. There is always an instant connection with the audience. While performing spoken word for under a year, Luckey has captivated audiences on some of the most prominent stages in Houston and surrounding areas. When she is not transferring her thoughts or life experiences into "floetry"; she enjoys spending time with family, helping out in her community, collecting or reading books, and listening to inspirational music.

When asked, why poetry… here is what Luckey had to say:
“The seasoned generation respect my versatile verses because I pour out all of my passion once I hit the stage; it's heartfelt. I don't have to use derogatory language to get my point across. It's raw with a touch of spirituality; hence my stage name - Spiritually Feministic. It's humbling and it helps them to remember where they came from (if for some reason they forgot). My poetry is reminiscent and touches many souls. I speak eternal language on matters that people seem to be so drawn to while living in this temporary world.

Whether young or seasoned, my poetry is intriguing to all. The younger generation relate to it because of the commonalities we share in life; it sheds light on situations and issues that we face in today's world. It is inspiring and encouraging to those who are critical on themselves or don't believe that they can aspire to be better. My verses are educating in an entertaining, rhythmic format; and regardless of what neighborhood one is from, through my gift…I know how to make a connection with poetry. I believe in the years to come, my poetry will be labeled as classic.”

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Veronica B., Publicist
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