The masses are currently living in the Internet era, when innovation and creativity is booming. As the public all know, electric scooter has emerged in the life as an innovative transport for a while. To push the development of it, Airwheel launched A3, a perfect embodiment of Internet era.

With the prosperous development of Internet technologies, the public have stepped into the Internet era. To confront with the traffic condition in this era, there emerges an innovative vehicle—electric scooter. Convenient and eco-friendly, the scooter serves as an awesome transport for all people. However, this doesn’t represent the ultimate of its development.

As a benchmark of the scooter industry, Airwheel is always focusing on developing top-quality products for consumers. To align with the Internet era, Airwheel has recently launched a new model—scooter A3, a superb combination of tradition and modernization. As a new member of the A-series of Airwheel intelligent scooter, it has not only inherited some elements of the former ones, but also undergone some breakthroughs and refinements.

Traditionally, the braking of self-balancing scooter is mechanically driven. Yet as to A3, with the electronic brake system, it can be stopped through electronic control, which ensures the instant reaction of the scooter and thus the safety of riders.

In the era of Internet, anti-theft system is no longer new to the public. As to the scooters before, the public, however, didn’t have that in the scooters. Now, to meet that requirement, Airwheel has added the vehicle anti-theft system and all-weather positioning system to A3, relieving consumers from worrying about the vehicle being stolen. First of all, the users have to connect the scooter with their mobile phones. After that, the intelligent chip inside the scooter will monitor all the data of the scooter and send it back to the users’ phones. When users start to take a ride on the scooter, they can open the app on their phones and locate the scooter position on the map. In this case, they can find any location without asking for direction. Besides, if the scooter is stolen and ridden by others, an alarm will pop out on the owners’ phones to inform them of calling the police.

Thanks to its modernized features, Airwheel electric scooter A3 is undoubtedly reckoned as the rising star of Internet era since its launch.

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