Single passengers booking river cruises in Europe are being increasingly catered to, a recent enquiry among some of the leading companies in the sector has determined. 

The stigma of travelling alone has been progressively disappearing from western society, as more and more tourists discover the delights of a holiday on their own. River cruises in Europe are among the main options favoured by this particular demographic, and, as such, it is only natural that the major companies operating in this sector should try to adapt their services in order to cater to them. 

The first step towards this ‘singling’ of river cruises in Europe — according to a piece recently published in the Travel section of Australian newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald’s website — is the waiving of the previously established ‘single supplement’, which forced solo travellers to pay more than those in a group. When coupled with the increasing amount of special offers for these solo travellers, this does indicate a willingness on the part of the major cruise companies to cater to the unattached traveller. 

Perks being offered to single travellers do not, however, stop there. While not every company has begun to take steps yet, many others are already shaping their river cruises in Europe so that they appeal to an unattached clientele. According to the Sydney Morning Herald’s article, many operators have already begun to offer single cabins, while others allow two solo guests travelling separately to share a cabin, if they so desire, and provided they are both non-smokers. 

The piece concludes by stating that other major cruise operators working in Europe as well as worldwide are popular with single or solo travellers due to the range of activities on offer, which provide plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded travellers and make new friendships. 

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