What can you do in order to have a clean car when you get home after a day of driving around town, or how do you see the colour of your shoes after a day of walking around the city? How? The answer is to clean the city. Urban agglomerations have increasingly more problems regarding street cleaning. In addition to dust, paper and plastics being thrown, different dangerous liquids such as petroleum derivatives or other chemicals are difficult to remove by traditional means, so they are poisoning an already overcrowded environment. Street sweeping is usually done with road sweepers which need street sweeper parts and road sweeper spares very often in order to do an efficient job.


Other problems that we can all observe daily could be: the autumn leaves that cannot be gathered from under the cars parked in long lines, and very often even from pavements; the mud near different work points where they repair a pipe or they repave a part of the street, mud which stretches hundreds of meters afterwards, being carried over by the wheels of cars and often reaching the pavement.


All these problems can be solved, as you can see in many European cities. We are not talking here of street civilization, but of the fact that there are specialised vehicles, at affordable prices for the user, which is usually represented by companies specialised in the business of public cleaning. Developed by specialised companies, with a history that includes decades, the current generations of cars for street cleaning are incredibly effective, providing everything you need to have clean streets and pavement, all with a range of work for eight hours. Street sweeper parts can be found at specialised providers. In the street cleaning area, all cities must align with the European standards, and this way the towns will be cleaner because of these special vehicles that are absolutely essential to preserve the health of urban communities.


Normally, in the city the street width is reduced, mostly due to the parked vehicles and so it is difficult to handle a truck that just cannot enter certain areas. Therefore it is important for the municipality to purchase cleaning equipment with the perfect size for outdoor activity, that can enter the small spaces between trees and that can vacuum and sweep everywhere. Moreover, even if the equipment has a small size, the loading capacity of the vacuumed material should be high enough in order to be very efficient. The very good return is also given by a good average speed of at least 12 km/h. This however is not fixed, depending on the degree of dirt to be cleaned. Thus, if there is a lot of dust, the road sweeper should run at low speed, because the brushes used at very high speed could raise all the particles in the air. After a period of usage, certain road sweeper spares are needed.

 Consumable brushes are a big expense for street sweepers. In addition to that, if the equipment is mounted on truck chassis, the piping that connects the dumpster with the suction inlet is represented by a hose that wears out quickly. Hence, the importance of good street sweeper parts and road sweeper spares, that should be of good quality.