Shanghai, China; 04, July 2015: Doors in our homes protect us from intruders and at the same time, improve the aesthetic appeal of the building. This is the reason why people pay a great deal of attention in choosing doors that are beautifully designed and are perfect for practical applications. China based RoadWillChina Trade company has an adorable collection of PVC doors, steel doors, solid wood doors, fireproof doors etc to choose from. They have specially designed fireproof doors that can provide the desired protection from a fire breakout. 

People can now purchase wholesale fire-proof doors from the company, available in a variety of designs. These fireproof doors are made of hard steel that prevent fire from spreading. They also have wood laminated fireproof doors that look elegant and provide an ultimate fire safety. According to their requirement, people can purchase single-leaf or double-leaf fireproof doors and can also order doors in custom dimensions. The body of fireproof doors is made of non-combustible materials of different thermal isolation coefficient that doesn’t allow fire to spread through it. 

One can also buy PVC MDF doors from RoadWillChina. Made of high density board with PVC coating, these doors are moisture-proof and hard to distort. Because of the PVC coating, there is no need to paint them. The doors are environment-friendly and offer insulation against sound and moisture. The doors made of high density boards can be designed to open inside or outside and at different angles. 

The spokesperson of the company claims to provide PVC MDF doors custom order at affordable prices. One can choose from different sizes, different door thicknesses, different colors and textures to customize the doors to meet their needs. The doors can also be customized with glass fittings or ventilations, as per the specifications of the customers. These custom doors can be used for the main entrance, individual rooms, bathrooms or kitchens. As per the application, a customer can request for the customization needs. To check the doors available with them, one can visit their website 

About RoadWillChina Trade Ltd. Co: 

RoadWill of China Trade Company Limited is an emerging company, dedicated to export some characteristic and good quality products abroad. The products include the MDF doors and steel doors, available in different styles and designs. The company mainly exports products to some Middle-Asian countries and Arab countries as well as South African countries. 

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