Roger’s Plumbing, a local plumbing company serving Austin, Texas and the surrounding area, has provided information on its website that advises customers on how best to deal with common toilet-related plumbing problems. Roger’s Plumbing posted the information on the company’s blog maintained and updated frequently on its website, which is provided in the contact information below.

To begin their advice on how to deal with plumbing issues involving the toilet fixture, Roger’s Plumbing stresses the importance of exercising caution when dealing with plumbing problems. Many people who experience what they perceive to be a backed up toilet instinctively reach for a plunger, the blog post observes; while this may be the right tool for the job, many people are too aggressive in their use of plungers, a mistake made even more common by the recent development of more powerful plungers. When using a plunger, especially a newer model designed to provide increased power, with too much force, a person runs the risk of breaking the wax ring—the portion of the toilet that links the bowl and the tank. Such breaks in the wax ring often lead to leaks that require professional plumbing technicians to address.

Roger’s Plumbing also provides information related to the process of assuring a potential toilet issue has been fixed. Their blog post notes that it is their company policy to make sure a toilet can properly flush toilet paper three times in a row before considering the toilet back in proper working order. The water quality of a home is also cited by Roger’s Plumbing as a common source of toilet-related plumbing issues.

The recent blog post concludes by outlining the circumstances under which a replacement toilet may need to be installed. “As a general rule, the life span of a residential toilet is 10 to 15 years,” the Austin plumbing company advises. Problems that develop after or at the back end of that timeframe may indicate the need for an upgrade to a new toilet from a trusted brand name. Further details can be found at

Roger’s Plumbing is a family owned-business founded by Roger L. Patterson in 1994. They focus on providing their customers with quality service and satisfaction as well as skilled plumbers who maintain high professional and personal standards. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a company policy they specifically refer to as “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay” . The satisfaction guarantee is related to all aspects of a customer’s experience with Roger’s Plumbing, from the quality of the work to the personal experience with their employees.

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