Rohitink by Rohit Tripathi has been providing free and premium Woocommerce themes for WordPress website owners for the last few years. Rohitink is now expanding its WordPress themes portfolio with the launch of a wide range of free and premium themes.

Chandigarh, India - 16 February 2017 - Rohitink is currently being used by thousands of WordPress website owners to find high-quality themes for their Woocommerce, Magazine, Blog and other style sites. It has solutions for all types of WordPress sites, and that’s what makes this platform a great source of WordPress themes. It’s possible to find a useful, attractive, and personalized WooCommerce theme for a very affordable price.

WordPress offers the best platform to create websites and blogs. It’s widely used - but did you know that WordPress developed an e-commerce plugin, known as Woocommerce, back in 2011? This plugin offers multiple benefits, and that’s why many professionals are using it to run their online store fronts.

Even though Woocommerce is a useful plugin, it alone won’t transform your e-commerce website into the online store of your dreams. You’ll have to find the perfect theme that incorporates the aesthetic and features you desire. is meeting WordPress user’s demands by supplying high-quality free and premium WordPress themes.

WordPress offers a number of free themes for their sites and blogs. While it’s possible to stick to free themes and use the few limited features offered by those themes, your online business will be at a disadvantage next to your more advanced competitors. But if you have plans to take your e-commerce business to the next level, a free theme simply won’t cut it. The best route is to find a premium theme from a reliable source. has proved itself as a reliable platform for buying and installing unique, world class WordPress themes. And as a bonus, you get to try them out before you buy. is providing free versions of all the themes available there. The users can choose any premium theme, and then install it for free. Keep in mind that those free themes will not provide all the features and functions of a premium theme, but it’s an easy, risk-free way to give a premium theme a trial run. It becomes quite easy to receive latest WordPress updates, support and other facilities offered by WordPress when a website is working on a complete version of a premium theme. However, does provide some free themes that include impressive features and attractive design, dispelling the notion that all free themes are junk.

Rohit Tripathi has developed all the WordPress themes endorsed at The themes are designed mainly for WooCommerce, but Rohit’s portfolio continues to grow with WordPress themes built to meet any requirement. The best part of this platform is the ability to try all the premium themes for free. If you love the theme you can simply buy the premium version and unlock all of the features.

About Rohit:
Rohit is a jack-of-all-trades WordPress theme developer who is also skilled in PHP, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Rohit also reviews themes for, when he’s not busy producing his own custom themes. In the future, Rohit plans to build WordPress plugins that compliment his themes.

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