Link building has always been an integral part of many search engine optimisation packages for many years now since it has a direct impact on ranks improvements. The internet is home to numerous sites that have an “.it” domain since they intend cater to the needs of the Italians. The question is how do we know which of the ecommerce stores online is truly a leader in its niche. This is determined by the number of incoming links from other sources such as blogs, forums, article directories, other websites and press releases, to name a few. Google has always considered the incoming links to be a representation of credibility. Every link from a credible source is perceived to be a vote that determines the importance of a particular page or website. 


Google search engine algorithms easily recognise a website with numerous incoming links and index them faster than its counterparts. Considering this aspect, SEO experts in Italy offer it to their customers who want ranks improvements for their websites. But, before you think this is as easy as a walk in the park, beware! Google recently figured out that many so-called SEO “experts” were actually abusing this concept. In order to curb the menace of poorly designed and developed websites from getting to the top solely based on the incoming links, Google implemented the Penguin update.


The implementation of Google Penguin update made many SEO agencies sit up and realise their folly. Today, any online store in Italy looking for ranks improvements should ensure that their SEO experts bring in links from credible sources. Inflow of links from link farms just to get a better ranking risks the chances of your business getting blacklisted by Google, after which it is difficult for the website to find a top spot on Google’s SERP list in Italy.


Organic link building techniques always take time to generate results, but it is worth the time and patience since you can be assured of ranks improvements without any risks. Websites that get to the top position on Google SERP list using this approach will be able to retain their spot for weeks, sometimes months. Internet users are more careful now than before. None of them want to visit websites that look suspicious or have a lot of advertisements and minimal content. Deriving links from such websites to your website mars the reputation of your online business.


When you are seeking ranks improvements, it is important that the links generated are mostly from websites, blogs, forums and other channels based in Italy. This reassures your potential customers about the usefulness of the product or service for the Italians. Not every search engine optimisation agency generates links from local article directories and blogs. While hiring an SEO expert or consultant to improve the ranking of your site that caters to Italian, ensure you ask them about this aspect to be assured of better results. Bringing in newer links from credible sources on a daily basis bolsters that ranking significantly.



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