12, December 2014: Expense jewelers in posh cities such as New York City are experienced when it comes to marketing expensive watches. Trax NYC recently partnered with the show America’s Got Talent where the hosts get to model expensive diamond Rolex watches.

According to Maksud Agadjani, Trax NYC owner, a man’s watch says a lot about his style. Agadjani himself wears diamond encrusted watches and a Rolex. His store will be carrying the Apple Watch when it hits the market in 2015. Agadjani plans to open up the watch to put in a diamond bevel to make a tidy profit.

Industry analysts claim that the Apple Watch spring opens and not sealed, unlike the iPhone. The watch has a system on a platform, an integrated circuit powerful enough to have a multipurpose computer as big as a thumbnail. Its semiconductor package could be encased in ceramic so that users are able to remove the electronics package and replace it with Apple upgrades. This would give the watch a longer lifespan which is critical as the watch retails for more than $5,000.

Plans have Apple watches in 3 stages. The entry level boasts of the Sport, the middle tier has the Watch and Edition for its high end. Sport may sell for about $350 as announced by Apple earlier. Prices for its other tiers could be pegged at $1000 for the Watch and the edition for 10 times more.

Can the Apple Watch compete with Rolex?

Analysts predict that the Apple Sport will be a rave at $350. People would be lining up in blocks upon its release similar to the iPhone phenomenon. Consumers love brand new experiences like the novelty of the iPhone’s touch screen with sliding photos. The Watch is expected to have the same reaction if not bigger with its features for calorie counts, blood glucose level checks and appointment taps.

The Apple’s mid tier line, called the Watch, is expected to compete with middle to high end regular watches by brands like Gucci, Movado, Omega and other luxury watch manufacturers that source their parts from Asia.

Apple’s 18 karat gold Edition may retail for as high as $10,000, competing with the 2-tone Rolex stainless steel and 18 karat gold finish selling for $13,000 and below. Other brand names in this price range include Tag Heurer, Cartier and Piaget. The Apple Watch, however, may be no match to Rolex high tier watches that carry prices of $35,000 up. The gold Rolex watch is made of higher quality gold than what the Edition may be made of so raw materials are more expensive.

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