Paraplegics and quadriplegics are faced with incredible amounts of problems attempting to get insurance providers to cover needed medical equipment and supplies. The Rolling Smiles Foundation has been set up to off help and hope providing these less fortunate people with some of the things that could help them live a truer higher quality of life.

Those who have experienced working with them generally agree, most private insurance companies as well as programs like Medicare and Medicaid, don't come close to meeting the needs of paraplegics and quadriplegics. In fact, these programs often seem set up to deny people in these situations with some of the medical equipment and supplies that could really have a transformative effect on their lives. Stepping up to answer this problem, is the recently launched Rolling Smiles Foundation, a new charity which aims to provide paraplegics and quadriplegics with the help they required funded through donations.

“In October 2013 after a medical procedure went bad, I was left a T-10 paraplegic and told I would never walk again. I had no idea how different my life would become and what I would need to get through the day. A lot of the things that really made a difference in my life, my insurance did not want to cover at all,” commented Michael Cipriani, the 26 year old founder of the foundation. “I have only been paralyzed a short time and insurance has made me feel so defeated time and time again. My goal in starting The Rolling Smiles Foundation is that no one feels like this and that everyone is able to have access to equipment and supplies that make their lives a little better and a little richer. The Rolling Smiles Foundation is going to make a huge difference in people's lives who need it most.”

A very informative website and other resources are underway from the non-profit. It's clear that quadriplegics and paraplegics have a new powerful voice working in their interests.

For more information and to help contact (347) 491-6460 or [email protected]