Romedy NOW entralls viewers with a special line up of series & movies all

of August

~ Fall in ‘Everlasting Love’, get in vogue with the ‘Fashionistas’ and cherish true

friendships only on Romedy NOW ~

Mumbai, August, 2014: It's month number eight and it’s promising

everything great! This month, Romedy NOW the exclusive English

entertainment channel, is giving viewers a pinch more of its razzle and

dazzle. Catch all the cool series that you have always enjoyed on the channel

along with bedazzling glitzy fashionistas and all eternal love stories only on

Romedy NOW!

Watch celebrity publicist Jake Phillips alter his womanising ways to look for

his dream woman in ‘Jake in Progress’. Three best friends try to meet the

demands of their relationships in ‘Traffic Lights’. And you also have other

hot favourite shows like the endearing day-dreaming lawyer ‘Ally McBeal’,

who is forced to work with her ex beau and his wife in the same office. The

greatest story told about six friends in ‘Friends’, two broke waitresses - one

an heiress and one humble - trying to open their cupcake shop in ‘2 Broke

Girls’, and the manager of a science company trying to manage his scientists

and his shrewd boss in ‘Better off Ted’ will make for the best


Say hello to the fashion-fab gals in the special Romedy

NOW line-up, ‘Fashionistas’. A young and naïve journalist Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathway) makes it to the big bad fashion world

The Devil

Wears Prada. Watch the fashionable foursome Carrie,

Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha deal with the pressures of life and enjoy the pleasures of an all-expense paid trip to

Abu Dhabi in Sex and the City 2. Catch Katherine Heigl

work for the man of her dreams and always be the

bridesmaid but never the bride. Will the wedding bells ever

chime for the belle? Find out in 27 Dresses. After the

sibling rivalry, two BFFs turn into sworn enemies in Bride

Wars as their wedding date clashes. Watch these beauties

every Friday, 11 PM. ‘Fashionistas’ is presented by Airtel

Mobility and powered by Daawat.

Move on to deep eternal love and catch the most

endearing and heart-touching tales in Romedy NOW’s

exclusive property, ‘Everlasting Love’. Fate intervenes for

two separate individuals bringing them together in The

Wedding Singer. Sail forth for true love as a poor artist

finds his everlasting love as they journey together on the

Titanic. A recently widowed man has an affair to

remember with an already-engaged Baltimore reporter

atop the Empire State building in Sleepless in Seattle.

Watch the beautiful Debra Messing in ‘The Wedding Date’

where she hires a complete stranger as her escort to her

half-sister’s wedding. Be a part of these warm love stories

every Wednesday, 9 PM. The presenting sponsor for ‘

Everlasting Love’ is SMC and is powered by ‘Viber’.

Not to be missed is your monthly dose of love and laughter with the ‘Romedy of The Month’ —

America's Sweethearts. Gwen Harrison (Catherine Zeta Jones) and Eddie (John Cusack) are the

hottest Hollywood couple on and off screen

going through an ugly split. Things only get

weirder when the eccentric director Hal

Weidmann (Christopher Walken) holds the film

hostage and will only show it to the press. The

film publicist tries to keep the press' attention

away from asking about the movie & hence

forces the couple to attend the press junket

together. As Gwen chooses her sister and

personal assistant Kiki (Julia Roberts) to mediate

between her and Eddie, sparks fly between the

two. Catch this insane ride on Sat, 23rd August, 9 PM. ‘Romedy of The Month’ — America's

Sweethearts’ is presented by ‘Airtel Mobility’.