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Bekasi Barat (October 10, 2015) — Who does not wish to taste Tumpeng? And if it is a celebration then the celebration remains incomplete without tasting Tumpeng, the traditional dish of Indonesia. People love to eat Tumpeng whether it is a celebration or a normal day. Tumpeng lovers always find chances to have Tumpeng and they do not miss any chance eating Pesan Nasi Tumpeng Jakarta Selatan(http://royaltumpeng.com/pesan-nasi-tumpeng-jakarta-selatan.html). Tumpeng the national dish of Indonesia and it has elevated its position as the official Indonesian dish in the year of 2014. Tumpeng is cone rice and it is made with fresh turmeric, finely grated coconut, vegetable and more ingredients. Tumpeng is usually served with other Indonesian dishes, meat and vegetable is mandatory with this traditional dish.

The preparation of Tumpeng is not so easy. It takes so much time and only an expert hand can prepare this dish. There are lots of people who try to prepare Tumpeng rice at home, but unable to prepare it due to experience. The process of Tumpeng takes time due to complete each surrounding dish. Even shaping up the yellow rice into a cone needs a long time along with expertise. But, it does not mean that people will not taste their favorite dish Pesan Nasi Tumpeng Jakarta Selatan. There are large number of food court, restaurants, home delivery service and catering services that offer Pesan Nasi Tumpeng Jakarta Selatan to the people of Indonesia and tourist of Indonesia.

The challenge is to find out the quality maker of Tumpeng. Royal Tumpeng is one of the reliable and renowned Tumpeng makers in Indonesia since past years. Now the Tumpeng maker has started serving Tumpeng door to door with online catering service. Royal Tumpeng has couple of years experience and efficiency making traditional cone rice of Indonesia maintaining quality and taste. The service provider not only serves Pesan Nasi Tumpeng Jakarta Selatan at home or office, but also takes orders for big events like birthday, marriage, anniversaries, social get together and more. They are renowned in delivering dishes on time at affordable cost. They take order via email or over phone.

About Royal Tumpeng:
Royal Tumpeng is one of the famous and quality Tumpeng delivery service in Bekasi Barat. They are specialized in making Tumpeng in different forms with assortment of surrounding dishes. They have recently started their online catering service and they serve up to Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi and Tamgerang. They offer Tumpeng with premium quality and taste.

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