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Bekasi, Barat (October 10, 2015) - People, who have tasted Tumpeng, are well aware of the taste and delicacy of this dish. Tumpeng is a famous rice dish of Indonesia. The dish looks like a cone or a mountain. Generally it looks yellow as turmeric is used to prepare Tumpeng. Tumpeng is the traditional dish of Indonesia and it has elevated its status as national Indonesian dish in the year of 2014. The dish portrays the diversity of Indonesians different cooking traditions. The dish is promoted by Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for its richness in taste as well as presentation. There are numerous restaurants, food courts and hotels in Indonesia that serve Pesan Nasi Tumpeng Jakarta Utara( to Indonesian tourists as well as Indonesian citizen.

There are certain points that have to be kept in mind prior to placing order for Pesan Nasi Tumpeng Jakarta Utara in restaurants or online. The Tumpeng dish is used to make with surrounding dishes and it must contain an egg, meat and vegetable. The cost of this dish is decided on the basis of numbers of surrounding dishes. Thus, people, who are going to restaurants or food courts to enjoy Tumpeng, first make it sure that how many surrounding dishes they like to go for. People, who generally prefer to order Pesan Nasi Tumpeng Jakarta Utara online, need to go for testimonial and need to confirm the rate first to avoid any confussion.

There are large numbers of online Tumpeng delivery service providers in Jakarta, but choosing the best one is always a challenge for Tumpeng lovers. Royal Tumpeng is one of the renowned and leading online Tumpeng deliver service providers in Jakarta that have already served hundreds and thousands of customers with their quality and delicious Tumpeng cone rice. Royal Tumpeng presents various types of Tumpeng dishes with different numbers of surrounding dishes at fair price. They offer their service up to Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi. Even Royal Tumpeng takes order for big events like birthday, anniversary, salvation, office inauguration and more events. Just book order for delicious Pesan Nasi Tumpeng Jakarta Utara before event and package will be delivered on time.

About Royal Tumpeng:
Royal Tumpeng is one of the reliable and acknowledged online Tumpeng rice catering service in Bekasi, Barat. The service provider prepares delicious and authentic traditional Tumpeng rice with expert hands. They usually take order online or over phone. They offer their service for big events maintain quality of food as well as delivery time.

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