The ampoule LED seems to be the lighting technology of the future. Using different devices that work with these light emitting diodes, such as a ruban LED or a LED lamp will not only have a huge aesthetic impact on your interiors, but it will also help you save money on electricity bills!


Lighting design is a great way to enhance the aesthetic impact of your house. Not only that, but, if done properly, it can also be used in commercial and industrial spaces. After all, decorative light is a way of communicating with your clients. Through light, you are setting their moods. A poor, low light will induce them sleepiness, reducing their attention from where they should focus, while a way too bright environment will stress their eyes and cause tiredness. The same goes for flat lighting, which can leave your environment tasteless and boring. A good lighting plan will have to consider all these aspects and work with focal points in order to turn a wide space into an ingenious display.


There are 3 basic types of lighting: general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. The first one creates visibility. Its purpose is to cover as much area as possible and this can be done with up-lights and down-lights. Task lighting aims to illuminate those areas that require more light than the others. They are regularly the places where most of the work is done. Such light can be three times more intense than general lighting, but no more than that. The brighter it is, the more stressing it can become.


From all three types of lighting, accent lighting is the one that deals with aesthetics the most. It is that ingredient that spices up your environment and draws the attention to the most beautiful shapes around. A ruban LED can be used to create this impact, as easy to hide and it comes in many different colors. This lighting device is also extremely versatile. For instance, a LED tape can be placed around big LCD screens to create a sci-fi look for your interiors. It is easy to install and it can be placed basically anywhere you want to create a dramatic effect, using different layers of light.


Moreover, when it comes to large spaces and light, it is important to find an efficient illuminating source. The latest and the most popular technology nowadays is definitely the ampoule LED. This type of bulb uses an innovative technology that not only causes it to last longer than regular bulbs, but it also consumes fewer watts per hour. An ampoule LED is also friendly with environment. No mercury is being used in producing LEDs and the fact they require less electricity to function reduces the waste of resources worldwide.


Switching to an ampoule LED will reduce your overall costs on electricity up to 90%! Discover the beauty of using light in interior design with a creative use of a ruban LED from Lumenco, the Canadian LED lighting experts!