China - What is the rugged smart phone? The engineer from Leeline Technologies Ltd which is the best manufacturer and supplier for rugged smartphone said that the basically features of the rugged cell phone should be the slightly performance for dustproof, shockproof and waterproof phones. This kind of cell phone could be mainly used by young users who love the outdoor activities or someone who have special need. The professional function of waterproof, dustproof, excellent anti-fall and anti-rolling performance could let the rugged mobile phone be capable of extremely bad weather conditions and special occasions. However, this kind of strong mobile phone could also have some classification.

From the information of website which is the best manufacturer and supplier for rugged cell phone, this device could be mainly divided into the professional type which used for outdoor activity, military type and the fashionable type.

For the type of rugged smart phone which is suitable for the outdoor activities and military using, the requirement for three-proof such as water proofing, dust proof and shock proofing. This kind of excellent performance could help people use this mobile phone in any harsh environments such as water, desert and strong shock form outside environment. The shape of this kind of rugged mobile phone is generally not very beautiful and the function of it is relatively very simple. The thickness if this cell phone is generally between 16 to 25 MM.

However, main users for this kind of cell phone are all outdoor adventure lovers and fans, ALICE and professional soldier. This product is mainly produced by some European and American companies. Moreover, some high class China manufacturers such as Leeline Technologies also produce this kind of products

In addition to the unlocked rugged phone which is mainly produced for outdoor activities lovers and military users, the fashion rugged cell phone is another major part in this market. For the fashionable type, the requirement for the water proof, dust proof and shock proof is much lower than former one. Their main advantage should be the water proof. On the other hand, this kind of rugged phone usually has the the beautiful appearance and the thickness can be done at 15MM or less. The function of it is very powerful and it can load the smart system such as android. The mainly users are also the younger who like fashionable things. This type of rugged phones is mainly produced by manufacturers from Japanese, Korean and China.

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