Many people are fond of the Airwheel series. Though S-series is tailored for urban elites, working class could also afford it. S-series contains S3 and S3T originally. Recently on June 18th, Airwheel launched a new member of the S-series, S5. Some people might be struggling with the choice between S3 and S5.

It is quite a tough issue to choose between S3 and S5. Today, let’s make a comparison between the two products as a reference for potential buyers.

The similarity of S3 and S5 is that they both inherit the best quality as all Airwheel products. They employ imported SONY and Panasonic lithium battery, high-end Chen Shin tires, synthetic resin body shell made of high-tech nanometer materials, accclly super-silent maglev motor and two built-in intelligent chips. S3 and S5 both have a four-inch display panel. In terms of designing, the two vehicles’ front faces adopt a Lamborghini style and a main power switch is mounted onto each of them.

As two different items, S3 and S5 have their own merits. The control shaft of S3 is installed with a stylish atmosphere lamp. The lamp flickers at night and creates a dazzling effect. A breath light design makes the intelligent scooter quite unique. But the most noticeable feature is its price. S3 costs only half the price of S5. Therefore the price has attracted many customers.

Airwheel self-balancing scooter S5 is a new member of the S-series. It enjoys better performance than S3. S5 is mounted with a 680wh battery and high-power motor. As a result, it is much more powerful and the battery continues working for longer time. S5 appears to be tougher, especially with the design of larger tires. This enhances its adaptability to different road conditions.

S3 can be applied perfectly to urban traffic. It is quite a desirable and comfortable creature for urban office workers. In contrast, S5 is designed to liberate the urbanites and make them approach closer to nature and conquer nature. Customers could choose their favorite electric scooter according to their own needs.

Mr. Tang
Airwheel electric scooter brand
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