Sab Tv :Navratri artist quote



Priyal Gor who plays Ichha in SAB TV’s Icchapyari Naagin

“I am a Gujarati and this is my favorite festival no doubt. Besides that I love playing Garba and I love celebrating this festival. One of the best memories for me was when I was called as a chief guest in the place where I used to play garba as a kid. That was the most memorable day of my life. I love celebrating the festival in a traditional way and I love wearing ghagra choli. I dress up all traditional whenever I go out during Navratri. I wish all the happiness to my fans as they are such an important part of my life and I hope they like my new show and shower me with all your love.


Anirudh Dave who is seen as Y.A.R.O in SAB TV’s Y.A.R.O kaTashan

“Navratri is always special for all gujuratis. I remember when I was a kid my dad used to take me to a Gujarati community hall in Jaipur to play garba as we stayed away from Gujarat. I am big time foodie I really loved all the food and Prasad they used to give after aarti. I used to dress up and go to all the pandals to play Dandiya and Garba. I love the fact the people celebrate in their own different way. I wish my fans all the happiness and may Goddess durga keep her blessing on you.”  


Sumeet Raghavan who plays Vasant Ghotala in SAB TV’s BadiDooor Se Aye Hai

“All festivals are special in India, be it Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi or Navratri. I feel that the dance forms of Garba and Dandiya make it very unique and different. My best memory of Navratri would be when I used to go for Dandiya night regularly to various places in and around my neighborhood. I really miss the fun and excitement during that time. It used to be all so simple and sweet. My only request to fans is respect the law, maintain discipline and cleanliness. Have respect towards your own society members during the time of festivities.”


Dev Joshi who plays the role of Baalveer in SAB TV’s Baalveer

“Navarati is the festival of my native place Gujarat so it’s the festival which me and my family love the most. It is a special festival for me because before choosing acting as a career option, I used to visit the different Navaratri Garba programs. My favorite is the Garba of Vibrant Gujarat as its held every year on a large scale with new and interesting themes. While shooting for Baalveer, I still take a break and visit Vibrant Gujarat in Ahmedabad. I celebrate Navaratri in my school as a student as well as a guest. It’s been a privilege for me to visit my school during Navaratri as a guest, where I used to study. I love to visit the Garba night of Falguni Pathak in Mumbai and VikramThakor in Ahmedabad as both of them are my favorite. Navaratri is a festival of winning of goodness on evilness because Godess Sri Ram defeated Ravan on the 10th day of Navaratri and so I want to say to all my friends that they should always be good person, be positive and be safe f and yes must keep watching Baalveer from Monday to Friday at 8pm only on SAB TV and SAB TV HD...Khushraho sab log Khushraho.”


Paresh Gantra who plays Ghotak in SAB TV’s ChidyagharNavratri is a very special festival for me, being a gujarati it is the most important festival for us. We bring MatajikaGarba in our home for 9 days.  We have a jyot(oil lamp) in front of the goddess for 24hrs and my family members sing aarti all through the day. I follow the traditional gujarti way to celebrate it. All the ladies in my house fast for 9 days.  We make sure we eat together after the aarti during these 9 days. One of my best memories is from my childhood days where we used to play Garba all night long. I used to stay in vile-parle and there was a narrow road next to our house where we played garba. The road was congested but we still managed to play garba all night and I also remember saving money all through the year just to eat pavbhaji at night. It was compulsory for us to buy new clothes during Navratri. All these memories are very special for me. I request my fans to keep the real essence and the tradition that is followed behind this. It is important for people to keep our traditions alive.”

Atul Malikram