Sacramento, CA, United States, 07, June 2016: Sacramento DUI attorney, John Williams mentions the advantages of Proposition 47 on his blog and reveals how it can reduce the sentence of a person, accused of a DUI offense. This proposition was introduced in November 2014, and it can reduce a felony charge to a misdemeanor. According to Attorney Williams, people should be aware of this proposition that can help redefine the class of certain DUI crimes to help minimize the sentences. He maintains that the proposition can prove helpful in reducing the sentence to a substantial level.

In his blog, Attorney Williams maintains that the government intends to use its funds for better purposes and this is the reason why they introduced this proposition. However, he reveals that not all DUI cases can qualify for the Proposition 47. There are certain crimes that can qualify for the proposition and hence the sentence reduction. For example, people caught for personal usage of any illegal drug can qualify for the proposition. However, the attorney should have the knowledge of the proposition and know to use it for the benefit of the client. This is the reason why Attorney Williams stresses upon hiring an experienced DUI attorney in California.

The use of Proposition 47 also depends upon the circumstances. A person with a past criminal record may not get the benefit of the proposition, as the judge will review all criminal records of the accused before considering his/her case for the proposition 47. Attorney Williams, however, reveals that there are many cases in which the proposition can be applied, bringing a substantial relief in the punishment or sentence. For fraud cases, where the amount is not over $950, the proposition can be used, seeking a sentence reduction for the accused.

Attorney Williams writes down all possible conditions where the proposition 47 can be applied. At the same time, he maintains that a solid defense strategy can reduce the sentence of an accused, even if the proposition cannot be applied in his/her case. To learn about the list of crimes, where the proposition 47 is applicable, one can visit the blog .

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