Brandon, MB — December 17, 2015 Steady conversions continue as business owners work to simplify their small business and accounting solutions with Quickbooks courtesy of E-Tech.

Following their 4th quarter revenue of 4.2 billion for the fiscal year, Quickbooks is still experiencing a growing trend of new customers moving from Sage 50 to their simplified services with companies like E-Tech.

E-Tech works as a leading file repair, Quickbooks data recovery, and Quickbooks data conversion service provider in the US and Canada and has been helping Sage 50 customers make the switch to Quickbooks for their business financial management.

"With a more advanced and user-friendly platform, the trend towards Quickbooks will indeed continue,” explains John Rocha, who is the CIO of “Sage 50 simply can’t compete with the array of third-party tools that work only with QuickBooks.”

Currently, Quickbooks lacks any seamless conversion service from Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) or QuickBooks Online, so E-Tech has been working with customers to fill the gap with a seamless and affordable Sage 50 to Quickbooks conversion service.

Rocha adds, “Our customers were asking for a fast and flawless conversion from Sage 50 to Quickbooks Desktop and now we deliver exactly that.”

E-Tech tech works diligently to get each conversation completed as effectively as possible, with most files converted in as little as two business days. This ensures that important business and financial information files aren’t lost, while allowing small businesses to be backed up and running more effectively with the new Quickbooks system in a short amount of time. To learn more about Quickbooks Repair, Quickbooks Data Conversions and Quickbooks File Services from E-Tech, visit for more information.
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