Sahara One revamps Haunted Nights!

Sahara One is all set to revamp its popular horror fiction show Haunted Nights The show that has managed to bring cold shivers with its spine chilling tales of horror stories will now continue in a new avatar ‘Haunted Nights — Kaun Hai Woh?’ This new series with a completely new and refreshing concept and star cast will be aired from Monday, August 26 at 10p.m on Sahara One

Commenting on this, Sharad Raj, Head of Programming and Content, Sahara One, said, “Haunted Nights has managed to grab the attention of the viewers right from the beginning.  The subject of horror and suspense has always caught the fancy of the Indian audience and provides a good base for story- telling. In our new avatar, we aim to further entertain our audience with more horror and spine chilling moments and hope a good response for this show as well.”

The theme of ‘Haunted Nights — Kaun Hai Woh?’ embodies the concept of the battle between good and evil. The story revolves around the lives of two people, Kunal, played by Vishal Gandhi and Bhakti played by Jyotsna Chandola, who are brought together by destiny but have to go through various ordeals till they are united forever. Kunal belongs to the wealthy Devraj family and is in love with his childhood love, Vishaka. His grandmother, Bhawaani Maa is the chieftain of the family and a stern believer of dark forces. She manipulates the family to carry out her evil practices and gets Kunal married to innocent Bhakti, to fulfill a specific motive Kunal is the carrier of Kalka or the Devil and Bhakti is the epitome of goodness and purity What happens when two people with conflicting energies unite? Will good triumph over evil or will the devil reign supreme?


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Sahara One’s Haunted Nights — Kaun Hai Woh?

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