Sahara One looks to start a debate with a new series


As India evolves, so do Indian families. Typically the older generation remains tied to tradition, while the younger generation wants to break away from age old customs and beliefs. People recognise this in their own families. For years, television, that great mirror of society, has focused on the changing dynamic in relationships. Now soon Sahara One will be airing content that will capture evolving relationships between mothers in law and daughters in law who are the linchpins of the Indian family. 


The interaction between a mother in law and daughter in law has changed considerably. This leads to them having a difference of opinion that has to be negotiated with great sensitivity and patience. The forthcoming show on Sahara One will weave all this into a story that will have not just entertainment value, but will start a lively debate. Viewers can look forward to a dynamic story line, characters and situations that they can relate to.


Women who watch TV serials want to see women-centric content. This has always been the case. However things are a little different now. They no longer want froth and frivolity; instead they want to watch content that starts a debate and brings subjects that are not openly discussed, into the limelight. And here is where Sahara One is looking to score with their brand new serial set to air soon.  


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