Breakout Sales Growth represents a proven strategy developed from frontline implementations that have enabled b2b sales organizations to achieve aggressive sales revenue growth.  Included is an operating framework model and methodology for managing sales activity and goal attainment.  Also included are personal secrets for building and sustaining goal attainment.

Columbus, NC (October 12, 2015) — Howard Highsmith, President of Greyfox Associates, a Certified Management Consultant Emeritus with the Institute of Management Consultants (IMCUSA) announces Breakout Sales Growth, a strategy for managing high growth, b2b sales organizations to be published at (Flevy is the leading provider of business training guides, developed by management consulting firms and senior executives).

“B2B (business to business) sales organizations today are operating in an ever increasing complex sales environment.  The ability of an organization to achieve a Best-in-Class status means revenue new business development has become an absolutely critical element of a sales growth strategy,” Highsmith stated. “Too many sales organizations are operating with little-to-no structure or defined method for managing the sales process and yet are expecting to achieve aggressive sales revenue growth.”  Breakout Sales Growth is a blueprint for managing the sales process and using Key Future Indicator (KFI) ratios for achieving sales goals, he concluded.

About — David Tang, President and Founder
“Highsmith’s body of work involving aggressive sales growth is obviously a result of his track record in successfully managing three high growth sales organizations,” Tang stated.  “We seek documents that are of the same caliber as those produced by top-tier management consulting firms, like McKinsey, Bain, Accenture, BCG, and Deloitte. In fact, we have ex-consultants from all these firms selling on Flevy. Furthermore, most of our documents were developed by seasoned executives and consultants with 20+ years of experience,” he concluded.

About Greyfox Associates
Greyfox is a consultant to management firm serving b2b organizations that are operating in complex sales environments.  We work exclusively through c-level executives who are not satisfied with their current sales revenue generation results and moreover are willing to do something about it.

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