EASTHAMPTON, Mass., - June 15, 2013 — The Sales Training Institute is pleased to announce a new sales training course offering geared to Call Center Staff. Building on the success of their flagship sales training program, Sales Success, the Sales Training Institute today announced that they have begun delivery of a sales training program which focuses on the unique role of customer and call center representatives.

Jim Hornickel, Founder and CEO of the Sales training Institute, confirmed today via phone that the sales training company has released an innovative sales training program for call center staff. “We are pleased to respond to the needs of our client base who indicate that sales conversations present both challenges and opportunities for call center personnel. By drawing on the strengths of our Sales Success sales training program we have been able to incorporate key sales modules into this new sales training program to address the challenges faced by call center reps”, he reported.

According to Bob Torsey, Master Sales Training Facilitator at the Sales Training Institute, the course Sales Success for Call Center Staff is a one or two day experiential sales training program that transforms the way professionals support prospects and customers in the buying process. “In this dynamic sales training program we show your call center staff how to cultivate consultative relationships as they uncover prospect’s needs then match them with your products & services. This is the best sales training course for staff who are building sales skills into conversations with clients over the phone or internet”, he adds.

Sales Success for Call Center Staff is an energizing sales training program that promotes loyal customer relationships and enhances existing relationships. This is achieved via a focused sales training process which uses inter-personal communication tools and the S.H.A.R.E.S. solution process. The result of learning and implementing these specialized sales training programs & tools in client calls is nothing short of positive. “Feedback following the sales training courses is that customer service reps and their clients both come out ahead”, adds Mr. Torsey.

In this upbeat sales training program, we introduce the S.H.A.R.E.S. sales model and show how it is wrapped around the core sales training skills every call center professional needs. Your team members will learn the most effective methods for achieving sales during these experiential sales training courses. Jim Hornickel notes that “we use blended instruction methods which include demonstration, role play exercises, group discussion and feedback; all these methods ensure that sales training programs leads to on-the-job success”.

Based on client feedback, the Sales Success for Call Center Staff sales training programs are offered in a one or two day format with optional follow up coaching. “Coaching after completion of the sales training course is a powerful way to enhance new skills and ensure that sales training dollars are maximized”, says Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Learning at the Sales Training Institute. She adds “We know that some staff need additional assistance to really understand and utilize the sales training tools in their everyday conversations; ultimately sales training coaching helps get more return for your investment”.

“One of the research based findings we use in our sales training courses is that people will buy from and stay with people and companies they like. Our sales training seminars emphasize that the foundation of lasting customer relationships is the Platinum Rule. Unlike the Golden Rule, which tells us to treat others as we want to be treated, the Platinum Rule suggests that we treat others (internal and external customers) as they want to be treated. In other words, meet customers where they are. Take the time (even if you only have a minute on the phone) to get curious about who they are, how they approach things, and what their needs are—their needs as a person as well as their business needs,” says Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Sales Training Institute. “This essential principle is the backbone of our sales training courses and distinguishes us from other companies that provide sales training seminars. We really believe in creating positive human experiences, for the call center rep, for the sales training participants, and ultimately for their clients” adds Ms. Guthrie.

About Sales Training Institute
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