EASTHAMPTON, MA — September 26, 2013 - The Sales Training Institute is pleased to announce the provision of a specialized onsite sales training course to boost revenue in service industries such as spas and gyms via a unique sales skills training course, Sales For Non-Sales Professionals.

Service industries including spas and gyms are in for a boost to their revenues since the launch of a dynamic onsite sales training course.“Sales For Non-Sales Professionals is a powerful sales training course that changes the way non-sales professionals think about sales and their part in the sales process” says Bob Torsey, Senior Facilitator at Sales Training Institute. Service industry professionals are often in key advisor roles and if they feel more comfortable sharing expertise and suggestions about appropriate products and services for the client, then everyone benefits. Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Learning at the Sales Training Institutes, points out that “a relationship-based approach to sales uncovers client needs. It also supports both buyer and seller in win-win purchases, even when the seller is in more of a support role such as a beautician, coach or customer service representative”. “We are finding that many companies such as private spas want onsite sales skills training to help workers feel more confident suggesting products and supporting the sales process” asserts Ms. Guthrie.

Sales for Non-Sales Professionals and its sister program Sales Success offer a powerful double whammy for reaching your sales goals—no matter your product or service. These onsite sales skills training programs include instruction, discussion and role plays of how to support sales. Both of the onsite sales training course offerings create confidence and excitement about how to support sales, revenues and success. Many participants in the onsite sales training course learn to expand their sales toolbox and actually start to enjoy being part of a successful sales process.

According to Jim Hornickel, Director of Training at Sales Training Institute, “Our onsite sales training course supports key personnel in spas and gyms who are non-sales professionals. In this sales skills training program, we focus on consultative selling and how to build relationships with clients. By practicing new skills in the onsite sales training program, participants learn new approaches for handling differing personalities and how to achieve higher sales outcomes. In addition, our onsite sales training course brings staff together to share a common goal of building the business and revenue stream”.

The two day Sales For Non Sales Professionals onsite sales training course is a powerful way to introduce staff to the concepts of relationship-based sales support. However if you have limited time, the onsite sales training course may be offered in a one and a half day format with optional follow up sales training coaching. According to Bob Torsey, Senior Facilitator at the Sales Training Institute, “Coaching is a powerful way to build on the new skills and ensure that sales training dollars are maximized”. He adds “Contact us to discuss your organization’s interest in sales skills training. We want to learn about your products, your clients and your sales goals in order to customize the onsite sales training course for your particular service organization”.

The facilitators at the Sales Training Institute advocate several practical steps in the sales skills training program. For example, Jim Hornickel, Director of Training at the Sales Training Institute advises that service workers “take the time (even if it’s only a few minutes during a phone call) to get curious about who the client is, how they approach things, and what their needs are” . This type of approach leads to the creation of a positive relationship and invites clients to ask advice about suitable services and products. It puts the spa staff into an advisor role which enables them to highlight the most suitable services for the client’s wants and needs. Sales Support can become a very comfortable role that employees enjoy and cherish.

Feedback about the onsite sales training course has been very positive. Mary, a recent participant in an onsite sales training course commented “I have always been scared about having to sell things - I felt out of my comfort zone. However, with your sales skills training course I realized that I can provide a valuable service to my regular clients by advising them of products that are on sale or that suit their particular skin type. Thank you for teaching me to approach my customers in a more consultative way. I recommend that more staff take part in the onsite sales training course to learn that supporting buyers is actually quite easy and rewarding”.

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