Easthampton MA, March 19, 2013 — Jim Hornickel, Co-Founder of the Sales Training Institute announced today the newest sales training seminars program, the Sales Success for Customer Service Reps training courses.

“There has been a trend over the past ten years to turn Customer Service Reps into sales reps. But companies have not been upgrading the skill-sets with sales training courses or sales training seminars. Powerful sales training seminars like those at the Sales Training Institute are an essential answer. When professionals who are great at customer service attend our sales training courses, they take their skills to new heights”.

Bob Torsey is a senior specialist with the Sales Training Institute. “The sales training courses and sales training seminars that I facilitate are highly energized experiences”, Bob said. “Sales training seminars can be informative but dull. And boring sales training courses do not inspire participants to change into better sales people. The Sales Training Institute sales training courses and sales training seminars that we deliver excite the customer service reps like nothing they’ve experienced before. They come away from our sales training courses on fire to add these skills to their workday. These skill-enhanced team members tell us that the sales training seminars at the Sales Training Institute, particularly Sales Success for Customer Service made all the difference to their success and enjoyment.”

Peggy Rainwater is another enthused faculty member of the Sales Training Institute. Peggy pitched in, “The attendees of our sales training courses and sales training seminars are a pleasure to work with. They usually experience some stress in moving away from being strictly customer service reps when taking on “sales” duties too. But our sales training courses help them transition smoothly.”

Suzanne Guthrie, Co-Founder of the Sales Training Institute also commented on “Sales Success for Customer Service”, the newest offering in a series of sales training seminars and sales training courses offered by the Sales Training Institute. “We care about our new customer service rep participants. Our commitment is to only offer sales training seminars that bring the customer service reps along with the strongest possible outcomes for their success. Sales training courses are all we offer and this newest specialty area is a winner because we have the best content and faculty delivering that content of any sales training seminars offered that we know of.

About Sales Training Institute
Established as a global learning company Bold New Directions, and its offshoot division Sales Training Institute, strives to involve participants in experiential presentation skills training that transform the way they perform at work.  Its diverse client base consists of banking, health care, government, financial services, technology, manufacturing and higher education.  

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