Psychology expert Andy Shaw's futuristic self-development plan has now become a global phenomenon after testimonials flood in from over 130 nations.

Mental health issues in the twenty-first century have actually been the subject of headlines world-wide, as financial pressures make it challenging for people to attain total happiness and peacefulness in their hectic lives.

After becoming a victim to bankruptcy in 2010, world-renowned self help expert Andy Shaw used positive thinking to turn his own life around on its head. His successes encouraged him to dedicate his life to teaching his newly-developed positive Saltori mind set to the world, with seemingly extraordinary outcomes.

Speaking in a recent interview, Shaw's representative Peter Halm stated: "The world is struggling more than ever, and we all have to learn how to get go, relax and just focus on ensuring we are the very best variations of ourselves that might possibly exist. Andy gets floods of emails everyday saying just how much he has actually helped individuals to turn their lives around, from all nations and all walks of life. Whether it's individuals who have been let down in previous relationships, or people who are crumbling under pressures at work, Andy's yet to hear from anybody who's tried his system out with no results."

Shaw's teachings can be found in the small, bite-sized written chapters, videos and posts as part of his 'Bug Free Mind' series, and are particularly designed to be built into a person's life easily, with maximum impact. Shaw teaches individuals how to use their mind to comprehend precisely where their unfavorable insights are coming from, whilst training them to see the positive elements of any circumstance.

testimonials have actually flooded Shaw's website in recent months from over 130 nations worldwide, including that of Will Megginson from Scotland who described the process as: "Something entering your life that defies all reasoning, at exactly the right time, and exactly the right location, precisely when you need it," whilst Patti Weiland from Iowa, USA states: "My stress levels have gone way down since using the 'Bug Free Mind' procedure, and rather than making the very same mistakes over and over again I am completely in control of my own mind, and my own path".

More testimonials, more feedback and more thorough discussions can be discovered on Andy Shaw's website,, where readers can additionally find complimentary self help audio books, along with the first 5 chapters of Shaw's personal development books called 'Creating and Using A Bug Free Mind'.

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