The 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks pregnant ultrasound test programs, offered by SAMA SANTE MEDICAL CENTER, supports Dubai women to give birth to babies safely and successfully.

Dubai, UAE (18th June 2016) — Pregnant women from Dubai and surrounding cities can benefit the  ULTRASOUND test  from SAMA SANTE MEDICAL CENTER to accurately determine the various conditions related to their pregnancy. These weekly tests enable the ladies to take the necessary actions to sort out the probable troubles that can spring up in the course of their pregnancy.

Since its inception in 2013, SAMA SANTE MEDICAL CENTER has been standing beside the women from Dubai and adjacent areas, providing them the best gynecological treatments as well as various medical care and support related to pregnancy. This clinic offers ULTRASOUND evaluation for pregnant women that comes in intervals of few weeks and these assessments enable the doctors to extend the necessary support to the ladies, considering specific conditions like the growth of the baby, the position of the ovary & placenta, amniotic liquid etc. these reports will eliminate the hassles and troubles that can negatively affect the pregnancy at it gradually approaches towards maturity.

At SAMA SANTE MEDICAL CENTER, ladies can avail the 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound, 8 weeks pregnant ultrasound as well as the 12 weeks pregnant ultrasound tests. These reports display the pregnancy conditions in gradual progression and doctors can arrange for the preventive and precautionary measures so that the lady can give birth to the baby safely. SAMA SANTE MEDICAL CENTER employs modern techniques and advanced equipment for which the evaluation reports come accurate. Aside, the vinylic ensures the safety of the lady and the baby in the womb as well as safeguards the privacy and confidentiality of the lady undergoing the assessment test.

“Our all weeks- ULTRASOUND assessment tests are safe for the would-be mother and the baby in the womb. We employ the best machinery as well as expert professionals to conduct these tests” stated the spokesperson of the clinic.

SAMA SANTE MEDICAL CENTER is a multi-specialty health clinic in Dubai that offers quality health care services in areas like nutrition, gynecology, dental and dermatology. Please visit for more information.

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