Sampoorn Ramayan marks return of a Tribal Hero of ancient India
Star Utsav brings back record breaking show ‘Sampoorn Ramayan’ for Shri Ram’s fans from 18 July 2014- Monday to Friday at 5 PM.

Star Utsav, in its attempt to entertain its viewers with the most authentic and popular TV shows, brings back Sampoorn Ramayan, A tale of good’s victory over Bad. Lord Ram is worshipped in almost all parts of India and by Indians residing outside India. He was an obedient son, a faithful husband, loving brother and an able ruler. His journey from taking birth to conquer Lanka is beautifully narrated in Ramayan, written by saint Tulsidas, who himself was a great admirer of Ram. Many films were made on His life, but Sampoorn Ramayan, an Indian epic television series created, written, and directed by Dr.Ramanand Sagar is without any doubt the most successful TV show of television history, which made home in hearts of viewers. The show also contains excerpts from Valmiki Ramayan written by Valmiki Hrishi, another follower of lord Ram.
The serial “Sampoorn Ramayan”, produced and directed by one of the all time great creators of memorable Hindi films, Dr. Ramanand Sagar, potrays the story of Lord Ram in a most aesthetic manner and carries a lot of devotional value. Sampooran Ramayan is the epitome of the triumph of good over evil and boasts of noble virtues. As a soothing spiritual balm, Sampooran Ramayan gives a lesson on our deep-rooted culture, traditions and the heritage of pure ethics and principles.

Sampoorn Ramayan without any doubt is the biggest success of any mythological TV show on Indian small screens. The scenario of curfew like atmosphere is still within minds of those viewers who were fortunate to view its episodes on national channel during 1987-88. As the show was shown in morning session, people used to finish their works early only to view the show with all sincerity and devotion.
All actors associated with Sampoorn Ramayan gave their best performance and became icons during transmission of show only. We cannot forget performances of Arun Govil as Ram, Deepika Chikhalia as Sita, Sunil Lahri as Lakshman, Sanjay Jog as Bharat, Sameer Rajda as Shatrughna, Arvind Trivedi as Ravan and Dara Singh as Hanuman and many others, all justifying the roles they were given.
Star Utsav the popular TV channel is known for fulfilling desires of viewers, and repetition of all episodes of Sampoorn Ramayan was at top of the list containing demands of audience. Star Utsav is therefore bringing back the most awaited TV show on small screens.
So do not miss to view the biggest mythological show of Indian television history.
Tune into Star Utsav only to witness Sampoorn Ramayan starting from 18th May 2014 - Monday to Friday at 5 p.m.

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